One Month of Axie Buzzing - Growth and Milestones Achieved on Twitter and Hive!

To say that our journey so far has been exciting and wildly successful would be an understatement. We've been flooded by unmatched support from our community and have managed to substantially grow in numbers rather quickly. After being around for a month, Axie Buzz was able to build a thriving Create-to-Earn community for Axie trainers, managers, scholars, and scholarship-hunters alike.

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Within that month, we were able to surpass numerous milestones some of which we thought will take much longer to obtain but we've already managed to achieve them. Onboarding new users and introducing them to the Hive blockchain is one of our main missions and in our honest opinion, we think that we've completely killed it in that department.

Now, let us brag a little and share the results we were able to obtain in our first month.

Engagement is important for us because the rising number of people who know about us increases our potential reach, thus growing the community where more people can benefit from the Create-To-Earn system. We've quickly realized that to increase engagement and onboarding, we will have to heavily focus on Twitter promotion so that's what we did for the entire month.

Our success was unmatched

Here are the results.


  • 1k tweets (yes, we wrote 1k tweets in one month)
  • 713k impressions
  • 108k profile visits
  • 2.3k followers / + 100 new followers per day average
  • 4.5k mentions
  • Followed by Axie Infinity co-founder @jihoz (77k)
  • Followed by the biggest Axie content creator @brycent (44k)
  • Followed by many "smaller" influencers (5-20k)
  • Collaborated with a couple smaller influencers for promotion
  • 1k direct link clicks leading to peakD
  • Another estimated 10k link clicks leading to peakD from the link in our bio

These huge numbers can be hard to grasp. And for our first month, these results seem out worldly. This is a big win for us since we want a lot more people to find out about Hive and discover what Axie Buzz truly is. By being very active on Twitter, we can spread the word about Hive/Axie Buzz quite effectively. This is something we proved in less than a month of being out and something we will continually keep working on.

Big wins

Getting followed by Jiho from Axie Infinity was another big milestone for us. Especially because it's not merely a follow but something much more than that.


He noticed us and supports what we do! This was a huge win for Axie Buzz as it obviously means that we are on the right path. Coming from one of the Axie co-founders, this follow means the world to us. It helps us keep rooted in our goals.

Another big win is Brycent, the top Axie content creator, who also followed us on Twitter! Soon, we’d also want to see Bryce trying out our Create-To-Earn platform. With more than 40,000 followers, surely he’ll be very successful on Axie Buzz as he already is on other platforms. He'd be the best role model to look up to. Well, he already is!

Onboarding / traffic / engagement

The traffic we're sending to peakD is skyrocketing.

It garnered over 2000 direct click links from the Tweets we published and another estimated 10,000 plus on the link on our Twitter account’s bio. Our Axie Buzz community is also doing shockingly well. There’s a growing number of 250 subscribers with over 1400 rewards pending. We've directly onboarded 50 new users through our ref link and an estimated 100 more that didn't go through our link. This can be verified by checking Axie Buzz community subscribers. As you'll quickly notice, most of them are new users we onboarded from Twitter.


Our success so early on is truly incredible and we would have never thought that we'd be so successful so early on. We're currently averaging around 100 new followers per day with a record of 300 followers in a single day. With this current growth trajectory, we expect to see 10k followers in the next two months but we will work harder to try to reach this goal by the end of next month. After reaching that milestone we become much more influential and important on Twitter. This is when our growth will go PARABOLIC!

Everything we mentioned so far grouped together is a telltale sign of where Axie Buzz is going in the following months, to the moon!

Where do we plan to go from here

These may not be the biggest wins so far but they are huge wins in our book!

Looking back at these footprints we’ve made so far; we’ve come to realize that we’re getting there. The sky is the limit to what we can achieve. But there’s still more to do so we’re not stopping now nor any time soon. Axie Buzz will continue to work hard to break financial chains that bind people both through our scholarship program and through rewarding content creators on Axie Buzz.

But we're just getting started!

What we have in plan for the future will blow your mind.

The next milestones we're looking forward to are onboarding 1k new users to Hive and reaching 10k followers on Twitter. That's something we hope to reach by the end of next month or the following one in the worst case. We will do our best to reach these milestones ASAP but we can't do it without your help. So hop on Twitter, follow us, like, retweet, and comment on our Tweets to help spread the word out further into the Twitterverse.

If you want to help us grow even more

Know that we're looking for investors.

Without revealing too much, we can say that we have huge plans to build something special for the Axie fam we onboard to Hive. The only problem is that we don't have nearly as much capital to code out our dreams into reality. If you can help us reach our dreams by extending a helping funding hand, please do. Our DM's are always open. We promise to keep working hard to 10x our growth in the future and bring as many Axie content creators to Hive as we possibly can. Additionally, we will give our investors some exclusive benefits which will come to effect once our dreams are coded into reality.

If you have the opportunity and want to see Axie Buzz continually grow and onboard a large percentage of the 1 million Axie Infinity players, contact us for more information.


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