🏆 Axie Buzz Content Creation Contest 🏆

We're ready to launch the next phase of Axie Buzz which is a series of fun and rewarding contests/giveaways/tournaments for our Axie community. As we mentioned in our introduction article, we're going to be hosting a lot of events to keep the fam entertained, engaged, motivated, and to have something to look forward to when they can't play. Today's content creation contest is just one of many we got planned for the future.

So stick around with us, have some fun while creating Axie-related content and join our contests/giveaways!

How to participate in the contest?

  • CREATORS: Create content about Axie Infinity and post it on Axie Buzz

  • COMMUNITY MEMBERS who aren't content creators: follow the above steps and leave a comment on this post with your discord nick to qualify for a reward!


What kind of content we want to see?

  • Original, Axie-related content (article, tutorial, video, fan art, livestream, etc.)

  • Introduction articles (write an article introducing yourself to Axie Buzz) -> tell us a little something about yourself, your Axie Infinity journey, what brought you to Axie Buzz, why are you here, and let your audience know what kind of content they can expect to see from you in the future (examples of great introduction posts can be found here (1,2,3)

  • Memes also qualify but only if the creator can prove that they are original by adding images of the creation process -> TIP: post a collection of memes instead of just one

Rules and Guidelines

  • ENTRIES MUST BE ORIGINAL (any plagiarised entry will be disqualified immediately)

  • Maximum 2 entries per person

  • More effort put into the content = higher chance of winning

  • Must include your Twitter nick in the article

  • If you're doing fan art or any other image-based content please include a few images of the creation process so that we can know that you aren't stealing it from someone else in hopes of getting rewarded


  • 300 SLP + 150 HIVE will be distributed to 3 content creators and 2 community members

Because we value every single member of our community, we will always try to include everyone in our contests/giveaways. We know that most people aren't content creators and because we love our community so much, we've decided to reward and incentivize even those who don't create any content on Axie Buzz.

Reward distribution for CREATORS is:

1 ) 100 SLP + 50 HIVE
2 ) 90 SLP + 40 HIVE
3 ) 80 SLP + 30 HIVE

Additionally, all quality submissions are eligible to share a portion of 200$ in upvotes (likes) which payout in 7 days as HIVE and Hive Power (staked HIVE tokens).

Reward distribution for COMMUNITY MEMBERS:

  • One community member that leaves his/hers discord nick in the comment section will receive 10 HIVE.

  • Another person will be randomly drawn from a pool of community members that caught our attention by being active on discord/twitter/hive and will be rewarded with 20 HIVE, 30 SLP, and an upvote.

The contest last for two weeks!

Winners will be anounnced here on Hive and both on Discord and Twitter.

Best of luck to all participants and may the most creative Lunacian win!

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