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Hello, Axie Buzz community!

How are you holding up so far? Still sane? Well me, barely! Lol. It's been days since the Axie server issues and I think it's fair to say that I am not the only one losing sleep over this game.

Why not? We have to maximize our rewards and take ROI, right?


Ten Days In Lunacia

... a few days more like this will make me end up in a psych ward. 😅

My first two days in the game were fine. The first day, I familiarized myself with the game and on day two my eldest son could also already help me in battling in the arena and farming 100/100 in adventure mode.

Yeah, I kinda have my own scholar in-house. 😁

First two days were good and we're on a roll.

Or not!

The Axies Decided To Take A Holiday

a.k.a. Axie Infinity Server Issues. And so the nightmare begins.

Where did my Axies go?

The first two days of the server issues really stressed me out, I literally had nightmares. In my dream there's always a representation of three men chasing me, 3 coffins, 3 whatever- - could be the three monsters/enemies in each adventure round or the three-axies team in arena mode. There was even a part of my dream where I had to pass a wobbly valley, I really felt dizzy. Wobbly jelly dudes in adventure waving at yah! 😵

So anyway, the past week, I have lost so much sleep in hopes to be able to at least finish the daily quests.

The daily quest resets at 4am, my time, so a few times I even set an alarm to wake up at 2am hoping for the servers to be better and I could complete my quest. That didn't help most of the time and I just resigned to the fact that I won't complete the quest.


On another note, as of this writing, game is so far smooth sailing at it seems we will complete the daily quest in one seating. My son is battling for me (he is turning out to be better at this than me. 😂) and we're down to last win in arena. Actually, it should have been over by now but for some reason my 2 arena wins didn't reflect on the stats. Wew.

Well, at least we're going to finish early today and I will be able to get a goos night's sleep.

How about you, are you done with your daily quest?

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