RE: What was your first camera?

hehe, very interesting question. I had a few levels of coming to photography and the first and real one ended with ZEROresults was the ancient today, but very cool in 1975-77 Smena-8M.
When I was 10-12 years old we traveled with my mother to the place of my birth, a small city located in the north of the western half of Ukraine, about 131 kilometers from Kyiv.
This city was our traditional destination almost every summer. before this specific trip, I got a very long-awaited gift from my parents – a fantastic Smena-8M type 3b camera with which I can capture the story of our trip (3.800 km in each direction). I shot almost the whole of the first roll and finally forget my first film camera on one of the trains on our way home. I am sure that someone found it and even finished the role in my first film and I hope that also developed this roll.
thanks to @driptorchpress and @lightcaptured for the discussion. I found this post a little bit late, but still glad to add here my personal story.

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