Some info and our next selection: Special - PhotoCuration #269

First, some info.

You may have noticed that we have unfollowed some accounts.

It is not that we do not like the photographs by these users. As our main goal is to support creators of photography whose posts are under-rewarded, on our opinion, we don't have to follow bloggers who get big automatic votes.

Here is the second announcement. We are back to full powering up our rewards. That is the best way to grow the initiative from our side.

From your side - it is easier. Upvote, reblog, delegate us if you like what we do. Suggest other under-rewarded photographers too.

Now, here is our selection of great works for today, called "Special".

Here we present to you, in no particular order, our manual selection of some of the best photographs from posts we supported today by providing our 100% upvote.

Please, don't forget to visit the blogs of these artists below, subscribe, upvote and appreciate their work!

By @farideh.shahedi

By @haastrecht

By @darrenflinders

By @manoldonchev

By @terrywayne

By @guillerobla

By @parissousa

By @orlandumike

By @lightcaptured

Thank you and keep making the HIVE platform a better and more beautiful place!

You could support @PhotoCuration by delegating HIVE POWER to us so we are able to support better the great photographs shared by the talented artists on the Hive Platform!

Our avatar has been created by @soulsdetour, huge thanks!

Do you know any other Hive bloggers who post quality photographs? Please comment/tag them under this post so we review and start following them and appreciate their work!

Please upvote, reblog and follow us to support this noble growing initiative!

All feedback, suggestions, criticism, ideas and comments are very welcomed!

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