Concert documentary, Tochka BG, in 30 photos

I had the pleasure and the honor to be at the right place and the right time for this cozy small concert of the Bulgarian band called "Tochka BG", far away from the big city.

Tochka in Bulgarian means "a point".

Well, this band of bards really makes a point, I would say.

Each one of them is a poet, composer, musician and they songs have souls. Their songs are spiritual. I guess you could tell that by my photos.

Speaking about the concert itself, while "concert" may not be the rightest word, as there was reading of poems as well, not only singing, I'd say that it had a special charm. It was intended to be outdoors but due to unstable weather, the county moved it and placed it inside a large reading hall of the city library.

I haven't noticed an official photographer of the event, so who knows, my photos could matter to someone else too, apart of myself ;)

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