Subtle beauty by @wilfredocav #monomad challenge


Photo by @wilfredocav

Thanks to my wife @carminasalazarte for allowing me to photograph her magnificent and subtle beauty, framing all her natural expressions, that is what she reflects; nobility, naturalness, spirituality and beauty.


Photo by @wilfredocav

Each frame shows that pure energy, that human positivism and the reflection of what is really beauty. For it is not only the outward appearance that counts, but also how one can be as a human being. In the same way we are all beautiful, there doesn't have to be any parameter to define that, neither social networks, nor cinema, nor anyone else, each one of us by our differences fulfill what is beauty.


Photo by @wilfredocav

And my decision to make these photographs in the monochromatic style, more for the fact that I like it very much, is because I think that the monochromatic in a certain way captures better those expressions of the figure, it illuminates with all definition and demarcates with the light that intensification of those features of a figure. It is a type of photography that is very much contextualized in a person or animal.