Time grows dark

Hi friends
I start the week with the hours.
This little miniature alarm clock, which stopped forever at 10:45 no more hours, stayed there nailed for eternity.

IMG_2584 copia.jpg

It is what has served as a model for these photographs.
I think the title is appropriate in the moments that we live and although we see light and color.

IMG_2586 copia.jpg

Life has taught us that we also live with darkness.
The composition of these photographs is simple, the alarm clock that is no longer so, with colored glass balls, yes colors that I have transformed into shades that range from light gray to pure black.

IMG_2591 copia.jpg

Lately he photographed a lot at home, getting something different and with more meaning.
The kitchen is my work center, my studio that is the same as a kitchen or a photographic studio or simply the place where I create everything that goes through my mind.
My wishes would be that the clock would begin to strike the hours, that it would rock us with its ticking, always the ticking ticking
But the world has changed and he has stopped

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