Nature in black and white

Hello friends

Today I remove the color from the flowers, they are now in full bloom, but they also have beauty in one color.

IMG_1110060 copia.jpg

They are city flowers, some from my window, others from the street, the gardens are bursting with color.
But sometimes they deserve to see them like this.

IMG_1118432 copia.jpg

When the weather changes and the rain arrives they are covered in drops, making them more interesting.

IMG_119846 copia.jpg

You walk down the street and they catch your attention.

IMG_1118676 copia.jpg

IMG_113320 copia.jpg

Other times I take them home and compose the photograph to my liking

IMG_115601 copia.jpg

IMG_112233 copia.jpg

IMG_114655 copia.jpg

Also the flowers wither and turn into dry and withered leaves

IMG_9892 copia.jpg

but there is always beauty

IMG_1114842 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS
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