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Hello everyone, how are you today? I hope everything is good. 🌞

Today I am going to share to all of you one project that I do in collaboration with one of the Sabahan air brush artist for the studio body paint photoshoot.

At first I contacted a freelance model that I saw while browsing FB feed her name is CheChe. I was only planning to do a simple studio portrait like a high fashion portrait with simple makeup and two or three wardrobe.

So when I ask her for her portfolios, I was shocked that from her portfolios I can see that she can do more than just a high fashion portrait.

So we discussed more on the photoshoot project and we came into conclusion that we were going to do a body paint project. And this is how I met the guy named Herman Duang who make AWESOME tattoo and body paint using air brush.

After we exchanged some idea we agreed to do it in the studio during the evening.

So this was my first time watching an artist doing the body paint from start to finish. In my mind I was thinking that the process may only take one or two hours like a photoshoot makeup usually do. But the actual time to finished a full body paint was more than seven (7) Hours.

So yeah in the end we just went through our plan. And luckily the process went smooth and the project was a success.

Below are some of the BTS photo during the project.



The paintbrush machine - air compressor

He was doing live the entire session. Longest live that I experience so far.






Below are the photo for the next artwork which is on the back of the right shoulder.









Adding more details on the front art work.


Watching the comments on live while interacting with the live audience.

The third artwork on the leg.

I am amaze that during this time never once I heard CheChe complained , she was really patience and enjoys the process.

Herman is really great on his artwork, he was really focused while doing his air brush.








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