MONOMAD - Monk in Myanmar

I was fortune enough to visit one of holy land the world in Bagan. There was thousand of temple and stupa being build in Bagan alone. At the day we stay in Bagan , our Myanmar friend know that we love to taking picture , so he bring one monk with us for doing some photoshoot around Bagan.

This is a few shoot that have been taken in black and white version.

This is my entry for #monomad challenge.

Say hello to Kyaw. He is 8 years old and he is a monk in one of many temple in Bagan (Im sorry , i forget the temple name). His head monk has give him excuse to join us for the photoshoot today. He say , this also give his monk a little exposure to the world (i think he mean is us)


At first he was so shy for being photograph by us. Look at this picture , he try to hide his face while we taking his picture.

He then slowly comfortable with us after we tell some jokes to him. But still he is rarely smile maybe because he is not use to meet stranger like us.

Most of the stupa has buddha statue inside it. This is one of those thousand stupa.

I personally love this picture , he really take his time to pray in this picture . I can feel his sincerity pray. Then i ask him , what did he pray? He say , safety and give a sign signal to all of us. Thanks Kyaw .

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