Loves me loves me not


Hi guys!

How are you today? I don't know if I'm okay. Some bad days are back again. 2020 was very tiring for us. 2021 was giving me hope. But still everything goes wrong. When will good things come? I'm really tired of waiting. I'm about to lose my hope. And that's really not a good thing.

The covid-19 tests of several personnel in the workplace where I work were positive. There is no situation that affects me. I do not see the personnel working in production. but still man is afraid. I don't want to live afraid anymore.


I wanted to share black and white photos on a day when I was feeling bad about myself. I think for hours which one I should put in the first photo. This choice is really difficult for me. I often make the wrong choices. Do you think the cover photo is the right choice?


Daisies, the harbingers of spring, are finally everywhere. I think the cold weather is left behind. I want to warm up now. Despite my spring allergy, I am longing for spring. What is your favorite season?


When I see a daisy, daisy horoscope comes to my mind involuntarily. There are many songs about daisy and daisy horoscope in our country.

I hope you like my photos. I wish you all very good days. Please pay close attention to your health. Your health is paramount. See you in the next post. I have great recipes for you. Can't wait to share!