Monomad #76 | Visual Travel Journal, Ingazeira Part 2

Hello b&w community!

It took a while, but today I bring the second part of my visual travel journal through the backlands of Pernambuco, Brazil. The photos, as I said in the first post about this trip, were made in 2011, during my passage through the Sertão of Pajeú, more precisely to the rural area of Ingazeira.

In this second chapter, I choose to show the people, their dwellings, religiosity and, between the lines, a little bit of their stories.

These photos are my entry today for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes and I hope you like them.

DSC05629 - Cópia.JPG

DSC05757 - Copia.JPG

DSC05638 - Copia.JPG

DSC05895 - Copia - Copia.JPG

DSC05848 - Copia.JPG

DSC06007 - Copia.JPG

DSC05646 - Copia.JPG

DSC06006 - Copia.JPG

DSC05989 - Copia.JPG

DSC05975 - Copia.JPG

DSC05710 - Copia.JPG

DSC05971 - Copia.JPG


DSC05988 - Copia.JPG

DSC06010 - Copia.JPG

DSC05999 - Copia.JPG


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