Monomad #75 | Visual Travel Journal, Ingazeira Part 1

My posts here at Hive have been more spaced out than I would like, as the work days have been very busy. But as much as possible I try to produce content to keep this profile always active. Slow content, as some people say.

These days I was separating these photos for another work project and spent a few hours looking at them and feeling a certain nostalgia.

These images were taken during a trip to a friend's house in the countryside of the city of Ingazeira, Pernambuco, in a region known as sertão do Pajeú. I made this trip alone in 2011, with a backpack on my back and a lot of walking. The destination is more than 2000 kilometers from where I live.

I went all around the Valley of the Juremas, named after a typical local tree, hiking and meeting incredible people.

This trip was a turning point in my life and totally transformative, because it was where I had contact with realities very different from mine and could rethink my own habits and way of life.

I will divide the images into two parts and these are my entry today for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

DSC05662 - Copia.JPG

DSC05711 - Copia.JPG

DSC05623 - Copia.JPG

DSC05642 - Copia.JPG

DSC05644 - Copia.JPG

DSC05628 - Copia.JPG

DSC05627 - Copia.JPG

DSC05957 - Copia.JPG

DSC05958 - Copia.JPG

DSC05938 - Copia.JPG

DSC05616 - Copia.JPG

DSC05936 - Copia.JPG

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