Monomad #70 | Veil #NSFW

These photos were made in 2013 with model Jamile Tessarim in the city of Campinas (SP).

The images are part of the portrait series I was working on at the time, called "Les Fleurs et Les Filles". I've done many photoshoots with this theme and I've been sharing some of these images here.

I think it was with this series that I realized how much I enjoyed photographing female nudity, but in a way that wasn't exactly erotic.

After a long time without photographing anything new, I'm looking forward to the end of the pandemic in Brazil so I can get back to these works. After all, seeing these old photos has made me feel very inspired again.

Some of these images are being sold as NFTs in my profile at Hic et Nunc. If you are a collector and appreciate my work, come and take a look at my creations.


IMG_9680 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_9618 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_9627 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_9664 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_9668 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_9722 - Cópia.JPG


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