Sitting on the Dock of the Canal - Monomad Challenge

Hail to the Hive!

This morning as I sat having my morning coffee and reading articles on line I was observing the people on the opposite bank to the dock where we are moored on the canal. Dog walkers, joggers, people taking a stroll. I instinctively knew I was going to take some shots.


The sun was rising and it delt warm on my face as I sipped my coffee. Every time a jogger passed by or someone walking I tilted my I pad and took some shots. I’d play with the images between sips of coffee and the next passer by. I was enjoying the new angle from which to snap away, observe and to be honest just to sit and drink my hot black java juice.


It is Sunday and it seemed fairly busy. Plenty of people out to exert much energy as I sat in my fisherman’s chair armed with i lad and coffee. I live in the canal so I do enjoy the fact that people wish to escape to its natural, peaceful setting yet it is actually my home. I live here. I love that. Boat life has its quirks but the relaxed, peaceful, natural environment is so good and the reason these folks come to walk and run and escape.


I don’t really fancy joining them though. I will just make another coffee. Maybe take some more snaps. I am looking forward to soon being able to cruise this network again and have access to photograph more new parts of the canal system. To be able to take in it's history and its beauty.

It really is a unique legacy that has been left behind for all, not just boaters, to enjoy.




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