Wanting some wind..

27th August 2017, this was a good day.... The 2nd day of a weekend shooting with Nicole Rayner, one of my favorite models, and one that I've learnt a lot of stuff from.

I'd offered to take Nicole back to the train station and on the way, we agreed to do a quick shoot en route at a little village near to my house in Nottinghamshire. I'd recced this place out previous and its a decent sized hill, with long views over flat countryside for a good few miles.


The surrounding area was quite busy, the farmers were harvesting the fields, not that it bothered Nicole.. not one bit.. But there were bloody flies everywhere - it was a hot summers day.. (we made full use of the convertable roof being down!) But the flies.. loads and loads of them showing on the images.. An easy fix, but time consuming nethertheless.. One of the problems of shooting near fields in summer i guess.


A simple sheet of fabric used for these shots, I think they turned out alright... Colour shots to come in the next few days.