Monomad challenge: "Metro Lighter"

Hi, how are you, hiver friends, wherever you are, hopefully in good health always. May you always be healthy. :)

In the Black and White challenge, today I will show you a Lighter, which we usually use when burning the tip of a cigarette, or other things according to our needs. Well, I photographed this lighter using the macro lens I have. I do it gladly. This is indeed my hobby, about macro photography.

Here's a look at the phenomenal "Metro Lighter" branded gas lighter.


Metro Lighter


This lighter uses aluminum and plastic with a unique shape. It is small in size, and easy to use anywhere.


Taking pictures with a macro lens is very fun, friends. I have always considered macro to be a unique and energetic piece of work. We can always see small objects with high art.


Only 5 pictures that I show here. I really appreciate the rules that apply in each community. So today, I dedicate my work to you. Hope you like it.


Thank you to all friends, who have seen and read my post. I'm a Hiver who still learn a lot in various things, whatever it is, I'm still excited to learn.

My best regards to all of you, and I wish you all success in your respective activities. Regards!

PhotoMacro photography "Lighter"
CameraXioumi Redmi 6A + Macrolens 0.48 mm
Location photoAceh, Indonesia
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