Monomad || Siblings Playing With Their Vehicles

Hello Black and White friends, how are you guys today, hopefully we are still in good health and can take part in activities smoothly.

On this happy occasion I would like to present some black and white images as a #monomad challenge littered by @monochromes .

A black and white image is an image that has two colors, namely black and white. Black and white images are certainly one of the most extraordinary types of images and I really like these images. So on this occasion I have taken several pictures of teenagers and girls in several places with black and white images. There is a teenager who is driving with a girl and the girl is the younger sister of that teenager. They were given a vehicle by their parents in the afternoon to go check on their released oxen. While they were there of course I was very interested in getting black and white pictures of them and I asked them to take my photos,Very grateful they still want When I asked for their photos and I took Some pictures of them which are very beautiful and very clear.They also like it. When I ask them to take my picture, Because this is also a hobby for them and I admit they can bring out some style in this picture that I captured.From the several looks on their faces that look so sweet in this photo, I continue to take several shots with clear focus so that the pictures of them can be good and We can see the maximum.Alright friends, let's see some pictures of teenagers and girls that I have prepared.

all right friends, that's the image display that I have shown above the results of my shooting of teenagers and a little girl, I hope that this image display can make all of us here entertained and useful. thank you to all of us who are in this beloved Black and White community and I hope we are all well, Thank you very much.

PhotographyTeens and Girls
Camera UsedCanon
Model600 D
LocationAceh, Indonesia
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