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Hello to all my dear friends.
I hope you are well. I am a mentee and I have prepared a new post with another photo so we can see it together.
But before that, let's see the first photo I took of myself.
This is my new style that I use during photography. An Italian hat and a handkerchief

We are spending one of the best and most enjoyable days of the year.
Soon in new locations and with the relaunch of the baby and family line, we will continue to produce and share baby photos with my wife.
Okey so lets go to see photos :

The first photo is about a burning newspaper with the model sitting on a chair holding the newspaper. It can be a symbol of hot news as well as bad news. that we did this photography symbolically

Also, the lighting of the next photo was done in a theatrical style. So that a harsh light is applied to the person on the stage.

In this photo, I brought a table and put a book on it and my model lay down on the floor to put her hand on the table and I took a few photos in this position that I chose this photo.

The following four photos are of him I shot with a tie, sometimes tying the tie and sometimes untying it.
This shoot was more about her getting ready and how the lighting was done.

that I shined a light from behind the head to the subject and a light to the background and the main light at an angle of 45 degrees to the model

We continued the photo in a different pose and view.
We have reached the end of this post. I hope you are healthy wherever you are. to another blog goodbye

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