Sport Girl studio photography - Monomad Challenge

Hello to the beautiful Black And White community, I wish you an incredible day full of happiness.

Some time ago, driven by my passion for photography, I decided to take an exciting leap: acquire the necessary equipment to create my own photography studio. Since that moment, the public response has been overwhelming, far exceeding my expectations. Today, with great enthusiasm, I want to share with you a photo session that captivated me: of a runner friend, a sports lover with admirable physical condition.

I will use these photos as an entry to the #monomad challenge contest.

Knowing my friend's passion for running and her admirable physical condition, I could imagine the possibility of capturing her essence in a series of photographs. The idea of ​​portraying her in sportswear in a studio environment fascinated me, and she, who loves to be photographed, did not hesitate to join this photographic adventure.

Although my friend had no previous experience in photo shoots, her willingness and trust in my direction were key to the success of the session. Throughout the process, I guided her in every pose, movement and expression, creating an environment of trust and collaboration that was reflected in the final results.

For this shoot, I used my good Canon RP camera, combining the power of two lights and a flash for precise and versatile lighting. The background, a simple white fabric, allowed my friend's figure to stand out and give her the prominence she deserved in each capture.

Since my beginnings in photography, the idea of taking photos in a studio filled me with excitement. The ability to control every aspect of the environment and create images with a high level of detail appealed to me deeply. Although I still consider myself a novice in this field, each session represents an invaluable opportunity to learn, experiment and perfect my technique. I spend time everyday studying and practicing, always looking for new ways to express my artistic vision through the lens.

I hope you liked these photos as much as we did, thanks for reading!


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