#Monomad challenge: Highlights of some Black and White Photographs.

Hi all 👋🏻

Today I want to share with you highlights of some random Black & White photographs I took over the years. They are “my entry for the #monomad challenge" all photographs are taken with my (late) Canon eos 550D with 18 - 135 mm lens.

Let’s start with this photograph of some big teeth…
Taken 14 July 2013. I just love observing them, here you see one sunbathing in the sun. Getting warm again after the swim.

If we look up in the trees you can capture more wildlife. Like this crow high up in the treetops.
Taken April 2014.

On an early misty morning… the sunbeams were trying to come through the mist… it made for a pretty sight.
Visiting friends in America 🇺🇸

On a beach in the Netherlands I found this seagull.
It was looking amused at what I was doing… you can guess that part. Of course I was photographing the surroundings and objects I saw around me.

Living up in the mountains of Iznájar Spain 🇪🇸 for a while… my neighbours cat. April 2015
In the beginning she was shy and nervous, but grew towards me. I could sneak in some photographs from time to time. 😎😁

With this last photograph of a flower I want to say… bye bye for now 👋🏻😊

And that’s all for todays “short post”, I know you are used to long posts from me… but why not a change once in a while 😉 I hope you enjoyed my entry into the challenge.

Thank you for looking and reading😊 and if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Thursday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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