Ten views from the old town in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes

Greetings, lovers of the black and white magic!

I am visually taking you today on a photo-trip we had to the Old Town in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria.

It is a very beautiful district, full of well preserved architecture, museums, artisans and calm stone covered streets to spend few times "recharging the batteries". I love Plovdiv for that particular district as Sofia, the capital and the largest city, doesn't have such an old, I would say isolated quarter with old buildings, untouched by the modern architecture, influence and styles. That's why I visit the Old Town regularly, I would go at least once an year if I have the time and resources... Moreover, I always discover something new as my eyes keep developing and as a wise man said once, "Photography teaches us to see."

Don't miss checking up the last photo from the series today, as it is an iconic view of the famous house on the hill, next to the Amphitheater.











You probably know by now how much I love Black & White or sometimes referred as Monochromatic photography. I have always believed that while Color Photography shows the external part of our world, Black and White Photography shows the soul, the inner hidden side of everything. Please consider the first photo of this post as my entry today to the established #monomad daily contest by @monochromes, supported by @qurator, thank you everyone for your hard and continuous efforts to build and grow this great community!

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