"This is my entry for the #monomad challenge".

"This is my entry for the #monomad challenge".

Practicing Macro.

Since I discovered this function in my phone, I keep taking pictures with this function called Macro, I know I am not a professional, but I am practicing to be able to take good shots, I also accept that they are not the best, however I make an effort to only publish the ones that I consider the best.

This flower I don't know what it's called, it's at the entrance of my building, the gardeners keep it very nice and just when I was entering I see these little animals pollinating, so I decided to take a picture, the insect is not a bee, actually I don't know what kind of insect it is, but I managed to capture that little moment that I show in the picture.

Practicando Macro.

Desde que descubrí esta función en el teléfono, me la paso haciendo captures con es función que se llama Macro se que no soy un profesional, pero estoy practicando para poder realizar buenas tomas, también acepto que no son las mejores, sin embargo me esfuerzo por solamente publicar las que considero que son las mejores.

Esta flor no se como se llama esta a la entrada de mi edificio, los jardineros la mantienen muy bonita y justo cuando estaba entrando veo estos pequeños animales polinizando, así que decidí tomar una foto, el insecto no es una abeja, en realidad no se que tipo de insecto es, pero logre captar ese pequeño momento que muestro en la foto.






Estas fotos fueron tomadas con un celular Samsung S4


This is my entry for the challenge #monomad, thanks for the initiative, I hope you like my work.

If you are interested in participating you just have to visit the account of @monochromes and participate in their contests that they do every day.

The following list is published in the contest posts.

(The daily topics are not mandatory anymore, but we will leave them here in case anyone needs some extra inspiration for any particular day)

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Tuesday - Street
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Thursday - Animals
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