Blog #74: An Entry For #Monomad Challenge | Why Do Children Love Rain?

It's rainy season here in the Philippines so we would expect floods everywhere. It made me lazy to go out during this time because of the wet environment.

Hey Hivers!

Today it rains heavily in my place. It started this morning and it's still continue raining up to this time.

As I tried to capture the plants outside the house while it was raining, a few numbers of children gathered in front of the house yelling and chanting. They truly caught my attention.

Furthermore, I realized hmmm maybe it is good to share this to hive community.

This will be my entry for the #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

Everytime it rains, children in our village would always happy playing outside. I remember when I was also as their age I also love playing and dancing under the rain. Why is it?


Well, I could not exactly figure out the reason but the common reason why we love bathing in the rain it's because of the cold weather.


Most of the time, our place was so hot. It crazily made us happy when it rains because the weather gets colder. The children here were excitedly going out and having fun with each other. It made them extremely happy. Look at them!


But as we get older, our preference would absolutely change. We preferred to stay inside and we just played our favorite playlist until we can sleep (lol).


Some adults were just staying in the house and make their favorite coffee or tea. So children has really far different preference with the adults.

Look at that little girl and boy walking in the paved road. They didn't care if they get wet. They just walking slowly and enjoying the moment.



Look at them playing under the rain. They look happy, right?


How about in your place, is it also raining? What did the children do? Are they also playing under the rain? I would appreciate if you comment down below.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Some photos were edited using Canva


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