Lively Street | #Monomad Challenge

Yesterday we went to the busy streets of Dalaguete, Cebu where my wife and her cousins went to this thrift boutique shop. While they were busy browsing the hanged clothes in the boutique, I went for a walk so as not to get myself bored while waiting for them.

While traversing the busy corners of the town I did bring my camera with me because I really wanted to try street photography. And I think the busy street of Dalaguete is the appropriate place for street photography. I also turned these photos into black and white, for this will be my entry for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.

In the first photo, you can see that the street is merely occupied by tricycles which is the main public transportation in the Philippines especially in small towns and villages.


I also noticed that kids were already allowed to go outdoors considering that they must have their guardians with them, and of course, a face mask is a must as well.



And a few blocks away I saw this tricycle made into a stall selling some fruits, while the stall owner sits on a plastic chair unboxing some fruits that he is going to sell.

In the last photo as I was about to capture the motorbikes when the delivery van suddenly passed in front of me the reason it gives a blurry image of the driver but shows a clear image on the other window of the van, which is my supposed subject of the frame.

All photos were captured by yours truly using Nikon D5600 + Nikon 40-150 Lens at Wet Market of Dalaguete, Cebu.

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