Life In The Wet Market | #Monomad Challenge

Hello there Black and White community, I hope all are safe and doing well wherever you are right now. For this content, I will be showing you the daily life in the wet market through these snaps that I got late this afternoon, which I turned into Black and White for this will be my entry as well for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.

I'm really fond of capturing stolen shots for it will display most of the emotions of the subject, but most of the time I get noticed by my subject when I was about to click the shutter. Like in these photos, the fish vendor in the above photo stopped chopping the fish as soon she noticed that the lens was pointing towards her.

On the other hand, the customer also turned her head towards the camera while the fish vendor was preparing her chosen fish.


While the young lad here was busy preparing his bucket full of fish to be displayed on his spot.



And some consumers were also busy traversing the wet floors of the market so as to get the best what they are looking for. And on the other side of the wet market, there is this certain area where coconut wine is being sold. Where most of the merchants are elderly women, and most of the coconut wine is being sold by a glass of jars.


All photos were captured by yours truly using Nikon D5600 + Nikon 40-150 Lens at Wet Market of Dalaguete, Cebu.

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