Feathered Friends | #Monomad Challenge

We've been petting love birds for a while since the pandemic and now they started to hatch eggs already. We bought a pair of Parakeets which are commonly known by many as love birds as they show affection to each other, especially when the female bird is nesting and the male is the one who will feed its companion.

Let me share with the community how affectionate these Parakeets (lovebirds) are through these photos I got, which I turn into Black and White, for these will be my entry for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.



We used coconut husk as their nest and made a square hole on the side as their window in which they get in and out, and once the female Parakeet starts to lay eggs her companion is the one who will feed her since the females are the ones who look after of their eggs.


As you can see the male Parakeet took bird seeds as their food and feeds his companion, which seems like a form of a kiss in some ways. Isn't it affectionate?

Visayan Language: Maypang love birds na-ay pares.. Ikaw? (LoL 😁)



Look how sweet these love birds are, the female Parakeet seems so hungry as she went half of her body out of the window just to get more seeds from her companion.

Visayan Language: Pero wala jud kay pares ba! (LoL 😁)


The above photos are all captured by yours truly using Nikon D5600 + Nikon 40-150 lens.

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