Enjoyment Of Going Outdoors | #Monomad Challenge


Hi there Black and White community, hope all are doing well, recently it was news by mainstream media outlets and confirmed by the Philippines health department that covid cases in the country are now on the downtrend, and the government is hoping that the decreasing cases will carry on so that Filipinos will at least experience a safer holiday season.

In connection with the decreasing cases, our town's Local Government Unit(LGU) allowed juveniles to go outdoors but still needs to follow the minimum health protocols. Since I'm living next to the beach I saw these youngsters enjoyed swimming as they were allowed finally to go outdoors.


And as I went closer to take stolen shots of them, they immediately noticed the sound of the shutter. Right away, they looked at the camera and both smiled.




On the other side of the rocks is their youngest sibling who enjoys swimming on shallow saltwater as well, whom I think felt frightened as I point the lens on her which eventually stands up and walks towards her older sisters.



I do hope that the pandemic will do end soon so that we can all go back to our normal day-to-day lives, and so these juveniles enjoy more outdoors.

Above photos are all captured by yours truly using Nikon D5600 + Nikon 40-150 lens at Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu, and these will be my entry as well for the #monomad challenge a photo contest initiated by @monochromes.

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