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This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.

Hello hiver friends wherever you are I hope you are always fine.

Yesterday I saw a butterfly perched on a flower and I took a picture of her with my camera and only two pictures I managed to capture when she landed on a flower after that she flew and I waited for her to land again but it didn't land on a flower and she chose perched on another spot in the area and to be honest I had a really hard time photographing this butterfly because it is very sensitive to movement around it so I had to be really careful when approaching it but after struggling a bit longer I finally managed to take some pictures of the butterfly -the butterfly.

As for shooting as usual I took a photo with a Canon 700D DSLR camera and when I photographed this butterfly I was still wearing a 50mm fix lens with a camera distance of about 60cm and the ISO I used when shooting was 400 while the aperture was F1.8 with shutterspeed 1/1600 I took it in the afternoon so that setting is quite appropriate in my opinion. To see the results below I have prepared some pictures.

Those are some pictures of butterflies that I can share with you today, I hope you are entertained with my photography today, that's all from me until we meet again in my next post.

PicturePhotographyExposure Triangle
Camera DSLRCanon 700DShutter Speed 1/1600
LensFIx 50mmDiaphragm F1.8
Software EditingAdobe LightroomIso 400

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