Monomad || Acanthocephala terminalis


My entry for the Black & White contest #monomad

Good afternoon friends, wherever you are. Hopefully your days are very pleasant and of course you can enjoy your life well and rightly so I will tell you that maintaining health is the most important thing

On this occasion I will share one object that has certainly been changed to black-and-white. The object is a macro photo of the animal that I found not far from the rice fields in my village where it is one of the locations of the insect.

The name of the insect is Acanthocephala terminalis where I of course used Google lens to find the scientific name and of course there is a name that is generally used in my country, namely Walang Sangit and of course it is one of the rice pests of the community

Although it is a pest but if indeed the animal looks beautiful and also interesting to look at I like it. Although some people don't really like it, but we can also take some points from animals or insects like that where of course the insects have their own benefits in nature or commonly referred to as ecosystems.

If indeed there are still some shortcomings in the photos that I display, please provide your comments because it is one of the things that is very useful for me to still be able to create good and interesting content in the future, see you later.





All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone


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