Monomad: Waiting

When we travel anywhere, you know the most boring thing is waiting, waiting and waiting is really annoying.

Well, this time I want to share with you some pictures that I took while at one of the international airports of Kuala Namu which is located not far from the city of Medan, Indonesia.

Many people are busy with queuing tickets, checking in and busy chasing time so as not to miss their flight. But in the midst of a lot of busyness, we can also see many people who are bored while in the waiting room, they are people who an hour or two before were busy when queuing tickets and at check-in so as not to miss the flight.

However, when we arrived at the waiting room, sometimes we had to wait for hours because the plane that was supposed to fly in five minutes had to be delayed for a few more hours due to serious reasons.

These are some of the facial expressions of some people when they have to wait any longer, boredom and waiting sometimes require us to face it.

And those are some pictures in black and white visuals for my entry this time in the daily #monomad challenge hope you like it.

CameraRealme 8 Pro
Light processingLightroom mobile
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