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Hello to my dear friends all over the world.
how are you today It's unbelievably hot here and we spend most of the day spraying under the cooler when shooting in the wedding hall or filming in the garden.
Today's photography part is about some children, two of them are about 8 years old and one of them is much younger.
I tried to take the photos of the first two with the help of daylight, so I placed them next to the windows to get the best daylight and get more of the sunlight.
two children Two windows and two bears, and lighting with the help of two photo shoots.
How good it is to be a couple. Everything is beautiful together, the bright clothes that the boy chose made me take the photo next to the bright colored decorations.

I also forgot the two books that were on the floor. These two children were siblings.
I also took a single photo of the boy. He was a very polite child and listened very well. Boys are usually like this at this age. They are busy in society and usually at home. Because they have extremely high energy

And now we come to the child who is sitting next to the snowman and has a very cool winter style. His grandmother had given him a knitted hat, which suits him very well.

Also, the artist's grandmother also bought a dress for her that suited her and made her more attractive and beautiful. I shower a lot. Because I was able to love everyone and love children because of my stressful job

White clothes and decor, a snowman and a bear, all these were points that point to the cold season, and because of the damage that there is to the children's vulnerability to their cold, it was decided to put this photo in Get a studio space.
Thank you for being with me so far.
I wish you a day full of good things.

camerasony a7 r111 lens 24-70 f 2.8
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