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A small straw enters the table. This lovely little one.
Hi everyone.
I came.
I came full handed with a funny photo of a cool little kid named samira .
This post consists of two parts, we will talk about samira first and then we will go to the second part.

To take these photos, I spread a white fur on the ground and little samira , who has a bath towel on his head and is on all fours, walks and moves on the ground and looks here and there. It is very characteristic that he appears in front of my camera lens with different facial expressions and it helps me to create a masterpiece from him. She showed her best.

Our sweet little girl, our beautiful model, even though she was a professional, I used lights for her so that her eyes wouldn't be hurt. I used a good Octabox to block the intensity of the light. Those who deal with children know how useful the Octabox can be in child photography. And instead of a fill light, I used a reflector to minimize shadows.

With her beautiful eyes, she never needs accessories anymore, but her mother used two small earrings for her so that her ears are not bothered.

An important point is to make sure that you provide the heating and cooling system suitable for the children who are going to Atliton for photography. Because they are not as patient as adults and they also have a more sensitive body. Make him feel comfortable.

What a beautiful face she has.
Okey, Now lets to see part 2
A boy sitting by the river with a beautiful sun shining on his face.
We took this photo outside the studio and the intensity of the sunlight and the angle I chose for the photo were to show the same thing beautifully. A dividing line fell exactly on his face, where the sun acted as a backlight, and on the other hand, there was enough daylight that we didn't need to fill the light.

He did this photography in a forest which was in a cold area in the north of the country and because of using an autumn cover for the model. A beautiful paradox, the heat of the sun and the cooling environment.

And this is the beauty of combined art.
Photography ----> @farideh.shahedi

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