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Hi everyone .
Well, well, well!!
Who could have guessed that today's model is a girl?!
A cute little lady girl with a beautiful doll dress, her name is Elena.
Elina loved the park and nature, so we took our photoshoot in an environment outside the home and studio, and we chose a place where she usually chose to play and where she liked.

Fortunately, the weather was partly cloudy and the daylight was extremely good for this work, the clouds acted like a big softbox in front of the sunlight and delivered a soft light to the model, which made it a perfect lighting in our photography.
For the photos I took on the bench, I tried to have a close-up view and a far-away view to make sure I didn't miss any details. Usually, photographing children is the best thing, which is exactly that.

She was a very calm girl and she was sitting on the bench with a calm and calming style and she was staring at a point very well and she was monitoring her surroundings and she was listening to me a lot and she cooperated with me completely during the photography and we were able to do it very quickly. . We did our photo shoot with this dress, and in the middle of the project, she changed her dress and quickly after taking a tall photo after the photo of the benches, we went to the next dress.

This is where you can see the art of Madaralina. She has a job as a hairdresser. In her job, which is an obvious art, we use it and after changing the clothes in a very short time, Elena Roo's hairstyles also match the clothes. Hash changed and you can see the result in the fourth and fifth photos.

A doll hairstyle and a pair of shorts and a doll, everything was ready for another different photo shoot.
I took one of the pictures standing next to the tree and he is leaning his hand on the tree and the other picture is sitting under the tree and putting his feet up. Elena Beman said that she loves me a lot and likes me, it is interesting to me that from time to time I hear such statements from my children and other children, and this motherly feeling and this mother-child relationship becomes between us. And it makes us take wonderful photos.
Thank you for following through to the end of the post and I hope it was useful.
Until the introduction of another small model, take care of yourself.
Have a good day.

@farideh.shahedisony a7 r111 lens 24-70 f 2.8 sigmaArt

Speed 1/160
Iso 100
F 2.8

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