Black and white photography is a rewarding and exciting field of fine art photography.


Black and white photography is a rewarding and exciting field of fine art photography. Even those who are not interested in photography may be drawn to large black and white photos. Photographers can experience a whole new black and white personality on familiar subjects. For many digital photographers, black-and-white photography software is nothing more than color photography.

Images that are considered beautiful in black and white are often depressing. You may be shocked by pictures you never imagined. But the most serious photographer will say that the photographer takes the best black and white photos when they have black and white photography in mind. This leads to a completely different mindset in topic selection and approach. For example, you can see potential subjects you wouldn't normally think of in color photography.


Choose a theme. Some subjects are in color, but black and white is not very effective. Sunset photos, for example, rely on bright sky colors for effect and rarely produce good black-and-white photos. Birds, flowers, colorful clothes ... Of course, often the only option is to paint the object with color. On the other hand, some subjects are suitable for black and white photography.


You may have heard the rule that landscape photography is best taken at the beginning or end of the day when the sun is low, lighting is dim and uniform. Well, I often see it in black and white photos. To more clearly define the sub-themes, I often photograph during the day and create strong shadows to emphasize the lines and shapes of the composition. I want to make a weapon that shoots powerful people like trees and windmills into the sky, taking pictures while looking directly at the sun.


So, here are three simple tips for taking black and white photos. Keep in mind that this is a creative approach, not a camera setup or technique. In fact, black and white usually requires no technical knowledge other than color photography. You don't have to change the way you use your camera to get better black and white photos. Instead, consider changing the way you look at your subject and using light, shadows, and composition to capture people in black and white photos.


If you love photography and want to broaden your horizons, you'll love the black and white photography experience. It can open your eyes to a side of the world that didn't wake you up. Good luck and good luck!

Photos of my authorship.

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