Today Is For The Birds


Ever have one of those days were you have a bunch of stuff on your to-do list but every time you try to mark something off it just goes sideways? Today is definitely one of those days for me, aside from getting my gear ready for this evening I haven't managed to cross anything off my list.


I'm about half dreading the protest this evening (or more accurately, how LMPD may respond to it) and suspect that may be interfering with my getting stuff accomplished. I'd set out to get some stock photos ready to go but had no luck so I switched to working on something I could make some headway on.


These photos are all from a similar occasion, I'd camped on the Pacific coast of Washington intending to take some landscape photos but visibility was so poor that the birds were about all I could shoot. Bird photos are better than no photos I reckon, whether it's shooting or editing.


Anyone else hate keywording? I'd have a lot more stock photos if it wasn't for that, I swear it takes twice as long for that as it does to actually select and edit photos. More often than not I get hung up on that and end up wandering off to do something this post.


Since this is rapidly coming to a close and I still have a bit of time to kill before I head downtown, I think I'll take one last swing at it, hopefully that'll make time fly by!

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