Rockies in B&W

clouds experiment.jpg

This week is off to a rough start, kinda like the weather that was blowing in in this first photo. I don't know if it was normal for the Rockies but just about every day I was there (in Colorado at least) it rained. It was July and August but I thought Florida and the Pacific Northwest were the only places in the states where it rained every day.

long's peak s.jpg

This second photo is of Long's Peak, the highest one in Rocky Mountain National Park. Until they finally decided that it was too morbid, park rangers used to keep a running tally of deaths on the mountain at the trailhead for the hike to the summit. I couldn't bring myself to do the 2am wakeup in order to safely summit and descend before the afternoon thunderstorms hit so I've yet to get any nice shots from the top of there.

What's y'alls favorite landscape for b&w shots?