D-Day March

Yesterday was D-Day, decision day, the one year anniversary of the announcement that there would be no charges for Breonna Taylor's murder. Thankfully yesterday was much less apocalyptic than last year, without all the drones, helicopters, and tear gas.


To mark the day, protesters once again gathered in Injustice Square Park in downtown Louisville before marching through downtown. This year protesters numbered in the double rather than triple digits but it was a lot more family friendly event this time around.


The kids even got a bit of an education, learning how to count from one to fuck twelve.


Speaking of 12, LMPD largely left us alone with just one cop on foot and an unmarked car putting in the only appearances. Last year we couldn't march anywhere without police cruisers converging on us from all directions, so it was a rather welcome change.


No march is complete without an accompanying car caravan, to allow those unable to march to participate and also protect marchers from people trying to ram the procession with a vehicle.


Once the march had meandered around downtown and safely made it back to the park there were a bit of speaking in the park before everyone made their way to the church that had provided sanctuary during that hellish week a year ago. After a bit of pizza and catching up with old comrades we called it an evening.


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