Commence Countdown!


Two weeks from this coming Saturday will be the one year anniversary of LMPD's killing of Breonna Taylor. There's not been too much protesting going on lately thanks to covid and the cold but that is all about to change I suspect. I know of at least one protest/march planned for the anniversary and I'm certain that will be far from the only one. With the weather taking a turn for the better around here (it went from below freezing to 60 degrees in 48 hours) things should be starting to heat up around here soon.


These photos are all from June 3rd of last year here in Louisville. I'd came down to Jefferson Square Park that day in part to hear Charles Booker speak. At the time he was running in the Democratic primary for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat. Although he ultimately lost the primary by the skin of his teeth I was quite impressed with him. He hasn't let his defeat slow him down any, he's turned one of his campaign slogans, Hood To The Holler into something of a movement (Check it out here)


It is my general policy to never say good things about politician but Booker puts in the time and effort. He was right there in the mix all year and played a major role in deescalating/defusing some wild situations.

I'd somehow gotten downtown a little bit early that day and managed to get in with the press and get a front row spot, which was rather nice. At one point a few years ago I was considering trying to get a press pass but after last year I think it's probably safer not to have one.


This last photo is of a couple murals downtown, the one on the right is of David McAtee, who had been shot and killed by National Guardsmen two days prior (and then they left his body lying in the street for 12+ hours). I'm starting to get tired of looking at all my old photos but in 17 more days that should resolve itself! Anyways, that's enough out of me, y'all don't do anything I wouldn't do!