Cloudy Day Ramble

It's one of those dreary days, cloudy, cold, and wet, where you don't want to even set foot outside. Or just an average day in the Pacific Northwest. The sort of day where you try and set your mind to a task and it immediately wanders off.

Not that mine needs any encouragement. Winter ain't even officially begun and it has already snowed here. Some years we don't see snow til January or February but this ain't shaping up to be one of those years.

I hate cold weather, if I never saw winter again it'd still be too soon. When moon? I need hive to make me rich so I can shuttle between hemispheres and never see winter again.

Until that happens I'm going to need a plan b. We're fast approaching peak competitive consumption season, may have to resume my search for the American Dream. Normally I avoid shopping malls like the plague but the holiday season seems like a perfect time to plunge into the heart of darkness.

Pretty sure they'll be going the way of five and dime stores and FTX before too much longer. Speaking of FTX, the media coverage of that mushroom cloud has been entertaining. It's almost as if there's a sort of collective amnesia in regards to crypto. Oh no, something bad happened, better cue up the breathless 'Is this the end of crypto' drivel again.

One article I was reading was carrying on about 'contagion' and now I would really like to know how what happened at FTX is supposed to spread to a DEX?

These last couple photos I'm including color versions as well just for @daveks . Most of the time I prefer black and white shots but every once in a while I take a liking to the color.

With the exception of the third photo, these are all from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The third one is also in the Rockies in Colorado but it's the Flatirons outside Boulder.

Now who's got some bad ideas they'd like to share?

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