Seastorm in Liguria

This is my entry for #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

Here a great seastorm in Chiavari, Liguria (Italy). During autumn and winter seastorms are common here, together with floods and rain, even more frequent due to increasing of the temperature of the sea. Mediterranean sea is not ocean, but waves can be very strong and high the same!
In the background Portofino lighthouse (it seems to be not so far in the pic, but it is 10 km far away from that beach). Portofino is a famous wonderful town inside a beautiful park, in front of a protected sea area where you can see many cetaceans.
I like also as the liquid waves resemble to the land hills in the background. Hills and mountains are the 'waves' of planet Earth.


I was impressed by the strength of the waves, staying all the afternoon in front of this sea it seems to me to absorb the energy from them.




The river is very close, and during these rainy days, many pieces of wood came into the sea and they are thrown on the beaches. You could fine sometimes also big trunks and unfortunately plastic objects too.


Pics taken with Nikon D800 and Sony Alpha 7iii.

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