A couple of months ago a kitten appeared in the chicken coop. He kept meowing every time we were there, I never saw a kitten so "talkative" and crying! We fed him every day and little by little he accepted to play with me, then he let me touch him a little and so on until after a few weeks he came walking with me to the house and here he stayed. The other cats did not pay much attention to him and my closest cats have not slept with me since he sleeps in the house, so after several years I have slept with only one cat in bed hahaha a miracle!

As the cat has three colors, we thought it was female but it turned out to be male.
He is very special and we have a very deep relationship that grows more and more every day. We are truly in love and it's the joy of home!

I love him and I'm with him all day!

This is my entry for #monomad by @monochromes




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