SURFING: Dolphins, Novelty Spots and Sheet Glass Waves to end my holiday in the Garden Route, South Africa!

Hello everybody at Surf Hive! It is Jasper from South Africa here! Sadly I am back in Cape Town ready to start work on Monday (I even read a report today to help with some anticipated January deadlines!), but let me share some more tales (and tails) from the village in the Garden Route, on the South Coast of South Africa, that I visited to celebrate New Years!

The first part of my little road trip holiday is posted here: @jasperdick/surfing-new-year-new-surf

After discovering the reef that I mentioned in the post above, the conditions continued to get more "summery" with the swell size dropping. I decided to focus my attention on the exposed beach in the village rather than the rocky reefs and rivermouth waves that need a more winter-like swell.

At first the beach wasn't much fun, with a shorebreak to get through, lumps and ribs on the waves, and currents taking me all over the place. It took me about 20 minutes to finally catch this one coming my way here...

And then it was a bit of a foamy mess that closed out anyway... the interesting thing in this photo is that you can see my shadow, with my camera in my mouth, quite clearly!

The next day I was feeling lazy... so I decided to channel my inner Ben Gravy and tackle a novelty wave I found breaking right off a series of exposed rocks in a more sheltered, around-the-corner part of the beach. (#newwave)

The waves would then break off the dry rocks and into a deep sheltered bay at less than half the size of the main beach. However, I was able to catch waves every 2 minutes with very little work required - the lazy man's dream!

To make me sound even more like a Ben Gravy impersonator, I was using a soft-top surfboard! Hahaha! I actually really like a soft-top for situations like this... it was perfect. Less fear of dinging the board on the shallow rocks, but also it had the buoyancy to keep going when the little wave went fat and deep. I call the soft-top "Maddy's board" as it is what I use to push my baby daughter around the swimming pool. I recently caught our first wave together with it too! A valued member of my surfboard collection!

The day after that the main beach was just great... glassy texture and far less current to contend with!

I caught quite a few waves in about an hour. There were a few other people out, which is rare for this remote village, but I suppose it was full of people enjoying the New Year's festive season! A whole 3 other people were out when I was in the water! The following day I saw 6 people - A real crowd for this place where I am usually alone! Hahaha!

Ah... you can see all three others as black specks in the background!

Finally, here are the "tails" I promised along with the tales... The real locals of the village, and the best surfers too!

So now I am back in Cape Town, thinking about how there will be work to do on Monday. I am also thinking about my New Year's resolution to surf a new spot (for me) at least once a month so I don't keep sharing the same pictures of my favourite spot on Surf Hive! I am making a list and while a few of them could be in Cape Town, I want to go back to this village to see some of the potential I have missed out on, as well as some of the famous places I have never tried on the road trip up! There are other places that will require a road trip too... I hope I can pull it off, but at least January has been achieved!


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