The Edges

I'm walking to work, the road is quiet and with it the opportunity to think. To observe, as I am present in this moment, taking in my surroundings. We've had rain recently, proper rain, where puddles remain. Usually it rains here amd because the earth is so thirsty, it disappears quickly. But not these days. These days, the ground stays wet. Everywhere is bursting forth with life. The sky is full of birdsong and the air fresh and full of the heavy scent of wet foliage. It's all so comforting, so reassuring. Finally the drought seems to have ended.


It's also super inspiring. To see so much growth, so much green. Especially on the edges. Where so much grows naturally, so much diversity. So many wonderful medicinal plants. It makes sense really, that the edges are where so much strives. Where two different environments meet. Where they overlap. Where the road meets the land, with a huge burst of life, as finally there is a chance for growth. Everything that was being held back, can now burst forth.


As I walk, I find nettles, plantain, borage, dandelion and cleavers to name but a few. All medicinal plants to me, yet seen as weeds to others. The nettles, full of minerals and also an indication of nitrogen rich soil. Their sting a deterrentfor some, but a reminder of their potency for me. The plants they talk to us all the time if we listen to them. If we take the time to sit with them. Observe them.


I feel like my creativity really flows, when I take myself to the edge. Both the edges in nature and within myself. Those places, where were we get to observe and experience the different sides of ourselves. Where they all meet,a melting pot of sorts. Where everything is pushed to the edge, do we jump off or do we grow?


Do we give into the creative flow that gushes forth, that feels impulsive and chaotic at times. Where we can feel out of our depth. Because we have to step off, we have to surround. We have to jump, if we wish to grow.

My creativity meanders. It rarely gets to follow at the same velocity. My life is too busy, to allow me the time to really dive into my creativity. So I enjoy it when I do. When I have my moments of true flow.


Walking the edges,
between the new and the old.

Feel free to break
the moulds,
that confine us
to our broken souls,

These golden moments,
To breathe new life
into our existence.



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