Yule & Christmas Herbal Posting Challenge - HIVE to be won!


Wherever you are in the world, the end-of-the-year Yule & Christmas season is typically full of traditions and memories. Whether it's the smell of a pine tree on a hot Australian Christmas day, a fragrant Yule wreath, the aroma of warm spiced wine on a snowy afternoon, or the fragrance of gingerbread and spicy herbal stuffing... the aromas and fragrances of so many of our festive season memories and traditions involve herbs.

This month our Herbal Hive Posting Challenge is asking you to 🎄SHARE YOUR YULE & CHRISTMAS HERBS🎄.

  • Do you have herbal festive season memories that involve particular herbs?
  • Do you long for the smells and herbal festive season flavours of yesteryear? Do you recreate the herbal memories each year?
  • Are there perhaps herbal smells from the festive season you associate with unpleasant or painful things?
  • Is there a herbal recipe you'd like to share that's connected to your Christmas memories?
  • Does your family typically involve herbs in their Christmas festivities?
  • Do your Christmas or Yule herbs grow easily or well where you are now?
  • Are there myths or folklore around the festive season herbs in your culture?

Create an original post in this community of at least 300 words - extra credit for original photos or drawings!

Please make sure you:

  • Reblog this challenge post;
  • Post a copy of the link to your your published post in the comment thread of this post, below;
  • Come back and engage with the posts of others through the week

You'll get upvotes from Hive Garden and other community leaders, relative to effort and fulfilling requirements.

Herbal Hive will award up to 10 Hive in prizes!

So, let's get a little Festive-Yule-Christmas herbal magic happening here in the Hive!

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