Share A Post About A Herb & Win HIVE: 20 Hive Prize!! (And More!)

This week's discussion circle has a little more freedom, because we'd like to encourage you to write about the medicinal plant or herb or even funghi you're exploring NOW. What plant are you experimenting with, growing or nourishing yourself with?


Let's start a discussion about herbs across HIVE! From medicinal mushrooms to foraged plants, culinary herbs or indigenous medicines, we HIVERS have a lot to share!


  • Post in the community. Other suggested tags are #herbalism #plantbased #foodasmdedicine #medicinalplants #fungilovers #naturalmedicine
  • Original content only - please don't expect rewards if you are copying and pasting from the internet
  • Drop your link below and comment on other people's blogs or comments
  • Tag at least one other person that you think might like to join in.
  • Please reblog this if you can.

Some Ideas

  • What is your favourite recipe that uses herbs to nourish, soothe and protect?
  • What herbs are you growing?
  • What herbal medicines are you experimenting with?
  • What is your favourite stress busting herb?
  • What herbs have made most difference in your life?
  • Do you grow medicinal mushrooms or use them for your health?
  • What's your favourite herbal tea and why?

Hey Herbies! We'd love you to join in...

Tagging those who've posted in the community before, join in with comments or that we know are interested in plant medicines! We'd love you to join in! If you'd like to be added to this notification list for future challenges, please let us know.

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Congratulations to..

@mamrita and @senorcoconut that both wrote great posts on their thoughts about lemon balm last week. You both win a small beneficiary on this post!


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