DISCUSSION CIRCLE #1: Anyone can join in - and win HIVE!

Welcome to the first ENGAGEMENT challenge for The Herbal HIVE! We're excited about having a CONVERSATION with you all about herbs, and we hope you like this way of interacting and exchanging information! We'll be creating collections all of these discussion circles so we can look back for information on each herb. If there's a herb you'd like to see featured, let us know in the comments below.


This week's herb is St John's Wort. @riverflows chose this one because - well, you gotta start somewhere! - she feels supported by it for depression and anxiety. It's the kind of herb that brings light into dark days, and that's the kind of thing we need a lot of these days, it seems.


The point is to enjoy DISCOVERY. Even if you haven't heard of St John's Wort, you can join in by looking it up in a book or online and writing your fun fact below.

You can also talk about a plant that has similiar effects. Maybe, for example, St John's Wort is good for depression, but instead you use a different herb. You can write about that instead!

Some Conversation Ideas

Make sure that you read other people's comments too - and respond to them. You might use what others say to start your own discovery or path to learning about this herb.

  • Write about your personal experience with this herb
  • Quote a passage from a herb book on your shelf about what you found out - you can take a picture instead if you like (make sure you reference/source)
  • Does the plant grow wild in your area?
  • Have you ever made a recipe from this plant?
  • What mythology can you find out about this plant?
  • What are it's constituents? What makes it medicinal?
  • What are it's contraindications?
  • Do you know a poem, a podcast, a film that you can share with us?
  • Having read a little about St John's Wort, is there a herb you use that has a similar effect on you?
Post or Comment?

We don't mind! A short or long comment, a short or long post - whatever you like! Just make sure your post is posted in the community and the link is posted below.

We'd love you to reblog this post if you can - let's get the word out!


We're going to be rewarding great comments with upvotes and at the end of the week, we'll send the writer of the best comment/post as a beneficiary of the next Discussion Circle! We'll also be throwing some ENGAGE tokens at you, and maybe some extra HIVE if you really 'wow' us!

We hope you're loving this new community. We're supported by Abundance Tribe and natural medicine folk, so our upvote is growing. We really, really appreciate delegations, however small - they help US nourish YOU!


What herb would you like to see discussed in this The Herbal Hive's Discussion Circle? Let us know in the comments below!


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