Let's learn the health benefits of roses and onions from my garden.

Hello community how are you, I hope that today in our post we will address something that many people think is not possible. In fact, everyone sees roses just as something extremely beautiful and smelling and many ignore its therapeutic and medicinal purposes despite being used for over the years roses for many medicines, drinks and other purposes that we thought was not possible.
These photos are roses that are in my garden red magnets other roses other white it's an authentic rainbow that invades my garden but I want to show you that roses are something that can be used by us as a benefit for our health and even those dry petals that we usually throw away are essential for making teas and other medicines that are very important for our health.


After this brief introduction, let's see what roses can help our organism and for that I'll leave you a list of various benefits that roses can give to our physical and mental well-being.
1-White rose tea has calming and digestive properties
2-anti-inflammatory and has depurative action
3-purify the skin



let's see how we can prepare a good rose tea that will help us a lot in our health.

Let's start with the ingredients to make our tea

½ liter of water

6 white rose petals

Let's now see how we can prepare our rose tea and help our health.
First let's put the water to a boil in a kettle. When it starts bubbling, turn off the heat, add the petals and let them steep for about 5 to 7 minutes. Then, just strain it well and drink the tea normally.


As we begin autumn and we are slowly saying goodbye to summer let's see what we can do with the onions we pick in our garden this image is of my onions I know they are not very big but they are very good for the making both food and for our health.

Let's see the medicinal purposes of onions that, in addition to making us cry when we are peeling them, also help us in our health and are a very important complement to our diet.


1-Decrease in blood pressure.
2-Decrease in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
3-Helps to prevent and fight diseases such as the flu.
4-Preventing premature aging.
5-Helps regulate blood sugar

Come on, the community learns to make our beautiful onion tea, which many make faces, but it does our health very well, let's start with the ingredients.



                                        Let's go preparing the onion tea

Peel the onion and then
wash it carefully and cut it into quarters.
boil water, add onion and simmer for 3 or 4 minutes;
Once boiled, set aside and let it cool a little.
let's strain the tea
Add a little honey if you like and the lemon juice.

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