Let's learn more with our medicinal plants and all their medicinal power.

Hello community, I hope you are all well today in the medicinal part of plants, I want to share with you something I learned when I came to live near a mountain where there is a variety of incredible plants and that if we like to learn, we can study and take medicinal benefits from the plants by doing in them our natural medications that we find in many diseases that we have without having to go to a doctor and as you already know everything that is natural in fact 100% natural makes our health and body much better.
My idea in this post is to continue to publicize the benefits of plants and above all they are plants that I am in contact with every day since I live with them and if we know the benefits they can give us, we can in an emergency case or another if you use it for the benefit of our own health

Today I'm going to talk to you about a herb that is born in the mountains, here in Portugal it is born in many places.
Many people look to the oregano as just a way to be used in the culinary part through its fruity flavor and smell which makes the best restaurants in the world always have this era present for the delight of their customers but we can see this herb as a medicinal plant. Let's see the benefits and how we can use it.
1- oregano has properties that help reduce inflammation as it contains a substance called carvacro and also helps your recovery in chronic diseases.
2-Preventing cancer due to its antioxidant effect has a decisive role in this disease.
3- The other benefits are fighting some types of viruses and bacteria such as flu and colds, especially in the autumn winter season and sometimes early spring.
4-Favor weight loss.
5- Fungi are one of the most typical cases and help to fight nail fungus.
6-Strengthen the immune system due to the presence of vitamin A in its compound.
7- but also and lastly, it calms the airways and eases secretions.


In terms of hot peppers and as you can see, they are homemade, I made them after they gave me these chillies that have the best known name as JINDUNGO.

Let's see its benefits beyond the spicy we all like to see what can help our health in our physical system

1- Low immunity which helps to fight a very serious disease such as AIDS.
2-Depression causes a release of norepinephrine and adrenaline, which helps our alertness and improves our reaction.
3-Helps in the prevention and treatment of migraine.
4-Helps to eliminate Schistosomiasis through studies.
5-Open wounds as it is anti septic and analgesic helps to heal too.
6- The flu and colds, there are those who take one a day, it seems to be an effect of those who take, for example, the tosod pill every day to prevent its onset.
7-Hemorrhoids which are quite uncomfortable helps to fight these uncomfortable diseases.
8-heart helps in better performance as it helps to declog the arteries and anti coagulant to prevent stroke and other very serious problems.
9- obesity and high blood pressure are also the result of serious problems and this natural product helps to prevent and develop them.



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